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 Merrcy's Minimal UI Adjustment

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Merrcy's Minimal UI Adjustment Empty
PostSubject: Merrcy's Minimal UI Adjustment   Merrcy's Minimal UI Adjustment EmptySun Sep 13, 2009 2:24 pm

I use:

1) Onebag (not shown in screenshots but I hope you know what it is from the name)
2) Omen
3) DBM
4) ORA2- not show because I'm not in a raid
5) Recount
6) Questhelper (see map & GPS arrow- invaluable)
7) Lightheaded (thats the one you can see in the screenie of my quest log- it puts Thottbott in your game, basically
8) Necrosis (warlock mod)
9) Ratingsbuster (not show- equipment compare for when loot drops)
10) Fishing Buddy (not shown, makes fishing a lot quicker & easier)
11) Raid Tracker- not showing a screenie of this one. It keeps attendance of every raid & group down to who joined and left at what time. Also tracks who greeded/needed, who won what, what got DE'd, what went to guild bank, and many other useful things

Merrcy's Minimal UI Adjustment WoWScrnShot_091309_134009

Merrcy's Minimal UI Adjustment WoWScrnShot_091309_134016

Merrcy's Minimal UI Adjustment WoWScrnShot_091309_134022

Merrcy's Minimal UI Adjustment WoWScrnShot_100509_132254
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Merrcy's Minimal UI Adjustment
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