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PostSubject: New Recruits MUST READ FIRST   New Recruits MUST READ FIRST EmptyThu Jun 04, 2009 8:54 pm

To all new recruits:

Slap & Tickle has several people that are considered "Guild Master" and these people work together on decisions benefiting the guild.

Membership will initially be on a trial basis. We don't expect you to be perfect, but we do expect you to be intelligent with decent knowledge of fights and highly skilled knowledge of your class. We expect you to conduct yourself in a mature way, ie, no whining, bitching, or otherwise acting like a 12 year old. Don't bug us for guild bank access the day you join, we would be crazy if we allowed that to happen. Don't beg for run-thru's, or free stuff. We like to help, we don't like feeling forced or guilted into helping.

We say bad words a lot and occasionally let a racial slur slip. We're not racist, we just have a broad sense of humor. Deal with it.

If anyone in our guild has you on ignore prior to you applying, you most likely won't get in. We value our guild members' opinions.

We don't necessarily restrict an applicant based on real life age, toon level, experience level, or toon class. However we do expect that if you're not 80, you are diligently working to become 80, and it's fine if you prefer to PvP but don't show up to a raid with your PvP spec & gear on.

As for real-life age, you need to be able to stay up & play if you agree to come to a night time raid, for example if the raid is from 7-11 and your bedtime is 9, why waste everyone's time?

We will try to bring it up when we are full on a class, however that won't necessarily stop us from issuing you an invite; you will be warned your class is full and be allowed to join the guild as backup until space is available if you prefer.

If you join S&T, your friends/guildies are not automatically issued an invite as well. The only people we will guarantee an invite to are your spouse or children, however we're not guaranteeing them raiding slots unless they apply & we have space and need for them. You're welcome to recommend your friends & guildies if they wish to join.

We expect commitment above all else. Don't agree to do a timed 5-man and then go afk mid-dungeon. Don't tell us you're coming to a raid and then flake out. We understand real life happens, but we expect you to conduct yourself with consideration for those you play with, and that goes for when you're not grouped with guildies too. Treat others how you want to be treated. At present time, we do NOT require your attendance a specific amount of time, or anything like that. This may change but for now, your time is your own. Sign up if you want to come, and please come if you sign up. Don't feel like raiding one night, or have something else going on? Don't sign up, or if you have, please try to give someone in game notice, or better yet, post on here so you can be sure your message gets thru to the raid leader.

Still interested?

1) Race/class/spec(s)

2) Raid experience

3) Name of toon you are applying with if it's not your user name

4) What are the best days/times for you to raid? What time zone are you in?

5) Can you handle an adult sense of humor?

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